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Keri is a Health and Wellness Coach, Intuitive Healer, Detoxification Specialist, Spiritual Facilitator, Bodyworker, Holistic Therapist, Animal Healer, Animal Communicator and Equine Sports Therapist.

She was born with a passion to inspire others, to help them see their own unique potential and empower them to become the healthiest version of themselves. Through a journey of healing her own health conditions like IBS, Colitis, Crohn's Disease, Fatty Liver, Arthritis, Gall Stones, Weight Issues, inability to concieve, hormonal issues, chronic fatique and skin problems to name just a few and her young daughters health conditions and allegies, she brings her knowledge and wisdom from real life experiences as well as what she has studied, to serve you at the highest level.

With over 25 years of experience, including training in over 20 different therapies and modalities and teaching workshops around the world, She weaves all of her wisdom, knowledge and passion into her sessions, which is clearly shown in every person and animal that she has had the pleasure of working with.

When working, Keri takes the clients history and then works with how she is intuitively guided. Using a mixture of the therapies, she creates a bespoke treatment plan with protocols to get the most effective results for each client.

Keri works in the same way with Animals as she does people and has a huge passion for working with horses.

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    Treatments and Therapies offered

    Most of the Therapies offered can be incoroprated into treatments for both people and animals

    * DNA Health Scans with written, guided personalised Protocols - for more info click the link at the bottom of the page.

    * Detoxification and Cellular Regeneration Specialist  * Health and Wellness coaching

    *  Natural Juice Therapy  * Meta Therapy and Rife Therapy   * Manual Lymphatic Drainage

    *  Aromatherapy Massage  * Holistic, Remedial Massage and Bodywork  Intuitive healing

    AromaTouch Technique  * Energy Work   *  Crystal Vibrational Sound Therapies

    * Self-development and Empowerment coaching through guided Self-Enquiry

    * Diagnostic level TFT Sessions   *  Toxins and Intolerance Muscle Testing  Breath-work sessions  

    * Jikiden Reiki  * Angel Therapies  Hopi ear Candling  *  Sacred Tea Ceremonies    

    Energy Attunements, Activations and Transmissions  * Animal Healer & Communicator

    * Equine Sports Therapy Treatments  

    **I also offer certificated Trainings and Workshops to help you on your own personal journey.**

    Stockist/Creator of:

    * Handmade at home, Remedies/Creams and Colloidal Silver    * Doterra Essential Oils

    * Coming Soon *Supercharged SuperFoods and Supplements*

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      Hannah Warner-Bryce.

      "I highly recommend Keri, but for you to fully understand how much she has helped change our lives, I first need to give you some background into our situation. My 6 year old son has many health conditions, including a complex congenital heart disease and reactive airways, which causes him to be prone to breathing difficulties and pneumonia. He suffers from eczema, reflux, sleep apnea, honestly, the list goes on. He is under six different medical consultants and is on a palliative pathway. He has had many visits to hospital, with some months having had more time in hospital than being at home. In total he has had four surgeries, with three of them being open heart surgery. Over time he gradually started to become unwell with tummy pain and bowel issues, including blood and mucus. The pain got worse and so severe that he couldn’t breath and pain relief didn’t help. We cut out gluten and dairy, which was advised by the doctors, but nothing was adequately helping. After many tests, we were eventually told they suspected it could be IBS/Colitis, which they said they couldn’t do much for and it would be something he would simply have to live with. This was hard to hear, so we made the decision to look into other therapies which could help and ended up choosing Keri at Radical Wellness. I will be honest, I was sceptical, as we had been told by several doctors that there wasn’t anything else we could do for our son, but I was willing to try anything to help him. When I first received his protocol I was overwhelmed, worried how we would implement the changes and whether he would have enough protein and fats, as he was already underweight. But Keri was amazing at answering all of my concerns and supporting us throughout this journey. With her support, and to my surprise, my son managed well with the diet change. We are still on that journey but within weeks I have noticed such a massive change. I don’t think he has ever looked so healthy! His puffy eyes have reduced, his bowels are back to usual, he’s stopped complaining of tummy pain, and no longer requires pain relief. His skin looks more pinky and glowing and he’s had no eczema flare-ups. He’s not even needed his emergency inhaler and we’ve been able to reduce his acid reflux medication too. I honestly can’t believe the change! Keri has changed his life; he is full of energy and so much happier. For the first time I’m feeling excited for his cardiac and respiratory check-up, as I feel he has gained weight and his health has massively improved. I am so thankful to Radical Wellness for this amazing change, a change I never thought could happen."

      Sarah Arnold and Wellie

      "I was at my wits end and having spent lots of money on lotions and potions to try and sort my pony’s itchy ,scurfy, dry...just awful skin out Which has been on going for two years, as a last resort I thought I would try Keri! Well what can I say, I’m so glad I did! The pony is looking amazing!! He has no dry skin or big scurfy areas....he has shine on his coat in The first time in two years!! Thanks to Keri advising me on all his allergy’s and giving me a plan of detox and a suitable diet going forward. She’s been on the end of the phone for support and offering any help I need, I wish I had done this sooner rather than spend lots of Money on unsuitable products when all he needed was a change of diet! Thanks again Keri" 

      Anaiya Sophia - Mystic and Author

      "I am so touched by the support, love and enthusiasm that oozes out of Keri. She came to stay with us during the 21st Dec 2012 period and introduced me to some of the tricks she had up her sleeve. Like Kerry, I am incredibly serious (and playful) about the soul's growth, and it is my number one priority in life, to continue to grow, get closer to God and radiate that delicious peace, tenderness and exquisite LOVE of the Creator.

      So when she introduced me to how she works... I was captivated. Between my tears of release and joy of being "touched" I KNEW I had met another, I knew I had met my friend.

      For me powerful authentic being-ness, humility and infectious humor is the key that fits the lock - and Kerry is this! Her professional, direct, soft and compassionate way inspires me, captivates me and whether I see her in 'action' or simply being her self - I am in love

      All the deepest Love I can rustle up, Anaiya x" 

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