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Bespoke protocols

Radical Wellness - Bespoke Protocols

Radical Wellness offers an opportunity to design a unique protocol for you to follow, where we work together as a team to support you, every step of the way, as you journey into a life of ultimate health and wellness.

Depending on your health and wellness requirements, we can offer DNA scanning and analysis through a bio-resonance health machine, which can test for pathological health conditions, allergies, food intolerances, hormones, vitamin and mineral levels, pathogens, bacterias, parasites, fungus, molds and viruses which can then highlight any deficits and then create an in-depth protocol to help detox and regenerate the body. We can also offer targeted yoga sessions, pranayama and meditation sessions for any physical or emotional concerns, including stress, anxiety and insomnia. We can then offer suggestions around lifestyle changes, diet, detox and supplements.

The Bespoke Protocols are offered as an online service, making it accessable no matter where in the world you are and all of which are designed to work around your busy lifestyle.

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Sometimes you need a little bit more than a shared class or group. So at Radical Wellness we offer one-to-one sessions with Keri or Carolyn (or both) to guide and work with you. 

This can be in person, on Skype or Zoom - whichever works for you. 

Carolyn and Keri have a range of therapies and treatments to offer in these sessions including health, juice, diet and Yoga therapy. 

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The team

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