Power Up Your Immunity

Protect yourself naturally and empower your immunity by strengthening your immune system and mindset at an exclusive workshop designed to help combat recurring symptoms or illnesses. 

Our immune system works like an elite squad of ‘SAS troops’, who, on detecting an attack, charge around the body to protect us. Showing up as swollen glands and temperatures as it repels attacks, the immune system keeps a record of every single one so it remembers how to fight each off. Unfortunately virulent strains like Covid-19 and flu are crafty and know where there is a weakness in the system, so they take root, hide and attack when they get the chance. 

In this workshop we will examine the five magic steps to practically empower the immune system to ensure we are have our ‘SAS troops’ fit, fed and on high alert ready to defend the body. 


  • Five Super foods 
  • Five Yoga postures
  • Five top food groups
  • Five meditations as medicine
  • Five channels of elimination


The day will be woven together with a combination of talks, practical yoga, gentle soothing meditation and gorgeous juicing recipes. We’ll also bring you useful and transferable tips and skills to enhance your chances of protecting yourself against this virus. 

Keri, a detox and health therapist, will be using her recent experience of catching and recovering from Covid-19 to give us a real insight on how to use these amazing natural resources to our advantage. 

Carolyn, a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, will gently guide you through ways to care for your immune system, not least through sleep and coping with stress. 

Together, Keri and Carolyn have more than 40 years of experience in the holistic and wellness world and are both co-educators in Radical Wellness.

If you are trying to fully RECOVER from any virus or PROTECT yourself from contracting one, this is the ideal workshop for you.

JOIN US:       Dates for Spring workshops to be confirmed.

9.30am -4.00pm (gmt) 

COST: £40 

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