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After over twenty years working in a corporate, highly competitive environment in London, I made the decision to leave my successful recruitment business. Instead, I wanted to concentrate on my passion and dharma, sharing both the mechanics to de-stress and the absolute joy that is Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Reiki healing and Yoga therapy.

Kundalini yoga is a thrilling mixture of pranayama (breath work), asana (yoga postures), moving asanas, meditation, savasana (yogic rest), mudras (ancient hand postures), chanting, music, the gong (vibration of sound) and even some dancing. Not each class has all of these, but many feature and flow together, often accompanied by beautiful uplifting music.

Kundalini is beneficial for the lymphatic, nervous, digestive and glandular systems, lowering blood pressure, improving respiratory capabilities and expanding lung capacity. It also has proven benefits of working on the endocrine system, the immune system, memory function and clarity (one particular meditation has been proved to help prevent Alzheimer’s) also helping with focus, weight loss, strength and flexibility.

Scientists have now proved it makes you look younger. Lets face it if all this was in a pill, we would be popping it immediately.

Initially I was combining teaching with my busy career in business, which wasn't always easy but was rewarding. I taught in boardrooms, offices, and gardens over the years. Later I also discovered the wonderful healing, and nothing short of miraculous practice of sharing Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra means 'yogic sleep’ and is really a state of being, that's 'being' not 'doing'. So you lie down and do nothing apart from keeping a loose connection to my voice, until you can 'be'.

In Nidra the senses are withdrawn, except hearing (Pratyahara), and you become aware of an inner consciousness, which in turn takes you to this deep place within yourself. In this deep state of neither sleeping or awake, healing arises in areas out of synch, a reboot of the hard drive, if you like. Sometimes returning to a factory setting takes out fears and habits built up over years. You become revitalised, it's a nourishment of the physical, mental and emotional body.

It promotes deep healing and relaxation and allows the body to balance at a biochemical level. There is change in the brainwaves from beta to theta and even delta and this deep physical rest allows the body and mind to repair and heal. It's effective for insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression, adrenal fatigue, posttraumatic stress, pain relief and simply just for a good old rest. It can help PMT and fertility. It also encourages creativity, improves productivity and even enhances memory.

Nothing is as good for us as sleep, but this yogic sleep or yoga Nidra is fast acting, so 30 minutes of Nidra is the equivalent of 3 to 4 hour’s sleep.

People are attracted to Meditation and Yoga for many reasons: a spiritual practice, a brain trainer, a mind sharpener, to heal, flexibility, strength, a self soothing tool, a way to cope with the stresses of modern day life and sometimes just for a few minutes of peace and quiet.

The more research that is coming to light on breath, the body, the brain and meditation shows me how deeply indebted we all are to the ancient Yogis, who gave us all of this knowledge before MRIs could show us how it worked. Meditation and Yoga are not just a way to relax, they are a way that the body, mind and soul can connect and heal allowing us to live a healthier and most definitely, happier life. With Kundalini therapy using a framework of the chakras, the 10 bodies, numerology, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine we can understand the subtly of our mind, body and soul in this life.


With Radical Wellness I will be bringing this ‘science ‘ to your homes and will be available for you to make enquiries on how to use this magic to bring in healing and expansion.


We will be having a live yoga class three times a week so hopefully one of those times matches up with your life. We will be focusing on a health system and its corresponding organs each month plus all that surrounds it. We’ll also be studying the emotional connections and causes of ease and dis-ease and how the mind can play with us and how we can finally master it. We will have a dedicated meditation as medicine each week and of course a soothing Nidra to re synch you back to you.


I am so thrilled to be working with Kerry and Anaiya, who have been great friends for many (many) years and whom I respect greatly. Each brings different wisdom and experience to this. I am also delighted to be working with Lucy, Zoe and Alice who brig so much amazing knowledge. I was recently part of a yoga therapy session when the patent was attended by a group of therapists each offering a different skill set and approach and it was amazing to get the input and insights from these different perspectives that resulted in a very powerful healing. This is what we will be bringing to you. Different approaches and methods

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Each brings different wisdom and experience to this. I am also delighted to be working with Lucy, Zoe and Alice who bring so much amazing knowledge. I was 

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