Meet carolyn

meet carolyn

After years working in a corporate, highly competitive environment in London, I was searching for something to help me cope with the intense stress. Fortunately, I found yoga and now have the pleasure of teaching both the mechanics to de-stress and the absolute joy that is Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Reiki healing and the astonishing Yoga therapy. I have been teaching and learning this technology for nearly twenty years and each day discover more and more, through my own practice, teaching and training. If the benefits gained from Nidra and Kundalini were sold in tablet form, we would all be taking them everyday

As more research comes to light on breath, the body, the brain and meditation, it shows me how deeply indebted we all are to the ancient Yogis who gave us all of this knowledge before MRIs could show us how it worked.  

Meditation and Yoga, are not just a way to relax, they are a way that the body, mind and soul can connect and heal, allowing us to live a healthier and most definitely a happier life. With Radical Wellness, I will be bringing this ‘science ‘ to your homes and will be available for you to make enquiries on how to use this magic to bring in healing and expansion. Each week we will experience a live class together and a short practice each morning with The Breakfast Club. You can interact with me and ask questions, we will have group meditations for you to participate in, interesting research and Nidra all to help you de-stress, sleep and cope when you need an extra boost. All of this combines together to give you a healthier way to engage with your own emotional, mental and physical wellness.

Carolyn is based in London and currently teaches online, in person and within the work place. She trained as a Kundalini Yoga teacher, Yoga Nidra teacher, a Reiki Master and in Kundalini medicine. She has also taken several, 50+ hour courses in Yoga for stress and burnout, Mind and Meditation and Sleep Therapy. 

Kundalini Medicine/Yoga Therapy (an 800+ hour training course) involves looking at the subtle anatomy and using the energetic models of the 10 bodies, 14 meridians , the Doshas, Tattwas, numerology, life cycles and the 8 chakras to assist with any condition, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological.

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    Treatments and Therapies offered

    *Kundalini Yoga teacher
    *Mind and Meditation with yoga
    *Yoga Therapy/Kundalini Medicine
    *Yoga Nidra Teacher
    *Reiki healer
    *Yoga for stress and burn out
    *Art and science of Nidra
    *Magical awakening spiritual healer
    *Sleep Therapy

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      “The one-on-one sessions with Carolyn are absolutely life changing. She always seems to know exactly what  you need. Since we’ve started I’ve been able to sleep for the first time in months and my stress levels have been at an all time low. She has taught me so many techniques to deal with my anxiety that I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!” Gabi, Student, London.   

      ‘I throughly enjoy my Kundalini yoga classes with Carolyn. It's been a great start to my week and she always leaves me floating by the end of the class. I would definitely encourage people to experience the magic.’ Natasha, NHS Service Manager, London

      My friend recommended I see Carolyn for Reiki after a late miscarriage following years of infertility. At the time, I was physically and emotionally spent and suffering from anxiety and insomnia. I knew very little about reiki, but can now say it's a transformative process if you are willing to go with it.

      After sessions with Carolyn, I am feeling calmer, sleeping better and more than anything, focused on what I need to do next with my life.

      Carolyn is a throughly kind, warm-hearted person who goes above and beyond to help. Healing is her passion and I can't recommend her highly enough." - Dawn, Mum,  London